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Rudolph Construction has worked on some challenging yet rewarding projects over the years. Below are just a few of the testimonials by our clients who said we went above and beyond.

It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of Rudolph Construction.  This fall my school had two separate building projects going simultaneously.  Rudolph Construction had the contracts for both projects.  We were reluctant to begin these projects because of the potential for disruption to the educational program caused by noise, building materials and equipment on campus, and dislocation of classrooms.  Because of budget concerns, we decided to go ahead with the projects and hoped that the contractor would work with us to minimize the impacts.

Rudolph Construction was the most professional and easiest group I have ever worked with in 37 years of school experience.  They went to extraordinary efforts in consideration of their impact on the students.  They worked the noisy, heavy equipment at times that did not impact students and they were extremely concerned about student safety.  They offered to help in the moving and creating of temporary classrooms and never left any materials in the student traffic areas.  It seemed to me that the welfare of the students was more important to them than getting the job done.  How refreshing and unexpected from a construction company.

Additionally, in working with both Gary Kaiser and Tony Milici, we found that the architectural designs were not always practical.  Both of these men would offer alternative ideas that often saved us both time and money.  Whenever they saw a defect in the design or a problem in the application for teaching, they would bring it to my attention and we would collectively figure out a way to correct it.  In working with them for over five months, I was never upset or angry with them or their workers and felt at ease when I was out of the district, knowing they had my school’s best interests at heart.

. . . I would recommend Rudolph Construction, without reservations, for any school construction project. 

~Rob Barker, Superintendent | Round Valley Joint Elementary School District


From the onset of the project, the Rudolph Construction team was professional, detail oriented and creative, coming up with ideas and suggestions along the way that we never even thought of. The work was completed in a timely fashion and communication and supervision of the site was excellent.
~Greg and Lynn Lippincott | Kitchen and dining room renovation | Bishop | CA

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